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About Power Electric

Power Electric Sp. z o.o. was established by people with previous professional experience in, among others, General Electric. We had previously worked in the electrical engineering sector, but we reoriented ourselves towards power engineering, in which we saw greater potential. After establishing cooperation with the EKOL form, we gained a lot of contracts for them on the Polish market. However, our involvement does not end with winning orders. On the contrary, we actively participate in the execution of projects, assisting both the Investor and EKOL. We also provide warranty and post-warranty services and repairs, as well as advise future customers on technical solutions.

Since 2014 EKOL holds a 51% shares in Power Electric Sp. z o.o. 51% of shares. Our company has exclusive rights on the Polish market, but is not limited only for Poland.

About EKOL

EKOL company, a Czech private manufacturer of modern steam turbines, has existed since 1991. 30 years of own experience plus decades of experience of EKOL employees thanks to the tradition of steam turbine manufacturing in Brno. It is also 15 years that EKOL has been present in Poland and during this time it can boast of successful references. Although EKOL has entered the age of adulthood, it is still developing, which is proved by the construction of the most modern production hall for steam turbines in Europe several years ago. In the course of its activities it has become a company with a high reputation, which successfully competes with the current monopolists on the market. As far as the dynamics of development is concerned, it is certainly one of the most modern in the world.

Steam turbines

Steam turbines are the basic devices for producing electricity in the world. The steam generated in the steam boiler enters the steam turbine, where the energy contained in the steam is converted into mechanical energy in the rotor, which is transferred through gears to the generator, where the mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy.

Steam turbines are used both in small local thermal power stations and in large nuclear power stations - wherever steam can be generated with the right parameters.

The steam turbine should be adapted to the needs of the user, so that the thermal cycle in which it is installed has the highest possible efficiency. Modern steam turbines are built based on reaction vane technology, i.e. where each vane stage has a drop in steam pressure. Modern steam turbines are high speed, i.e. with rotor speeds above 3000 rpm. This requires a gearbox behind the turbine and a generator at 1500 rpm. Thanks to the higher rotational speed, steam turbines can be smaller than their counterparts from decades ago, which makes it easier to modernise a CHP plant, as a smaller turbine, often with higher power output, will fit more easily on an existing foundation (after its modification, of course).

We therefore offer "tailor-made" turbines with the output power up to 70MWe. Since turbines can be of various designs and applications, below we present a basic division of steam turbines offered by our company, as well as information on the possibility of purchasing turbines from the aftermarket.

Steam/water boilers

The company EKOL, spol. s r.o. provides comprehensive supplies of its own steam and water boiler houses/boilers, for which the energy sources are

    wood chips and wood waste,
    fuel in liquid and gaseous form,
    hard coal and brown coal,
    process gases,
    waste heat (HRSG recovery boilers).

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